Successfully Navigate the Speaking Section of the PTE Exam on Your Own

The most basic abilities, such as reading and reciting a piece or listening and repeating a sentence, are sufficient for a Speaking score of 89 on the PTE Academic test. As part of your preparation for the PTE, you should commit the test’s structure to memory. You should feel confident heading into the PTE exam today if you do well on this weekly practice test. 

Despite their best efforts and beliefs in their own abilities, many students fail to get the necessary score on the speaking portion of standardized tests. They don’t know where they went wrong until they realize that everyone else who takes the test passes. You need to devote some time to studying and planning how you might achieve the highest possible grade.

The term “artificial intelligence” has been thrown about a lot recently, but few people can actually explain what it implies. This term denotes that test takers’ results are generated by a computer algorithm rather than a human. A microphone is required for the PTE Academic Speaking section. You make an effort to appear casual, to use some unfamiliar jargon, and to divide up your answer into manageable portions. Join the top English speaking course in Ludhiana if you want to succeed on the PTE the first time.

If you want to raise your speaking scores on the PTE, keep reading this post since we’ve compiled some strategies to help you do so.

Pronounced Reading

Avoid erasing, adding, or changing any words. If you make a mistake and try to fix it, it will add more words to your total. You’ll need to read into the microphone without stopping for air after being cued. You should also use an English tempo, avoid speaking too quickly or too slowly, and make sure your chunking and emphasis placement are spot on. A lower score will result from any hesitating or word repetition.

Sentence Repetition

The Repeat Sentence question type takes into account the student’s knowledge of the material, as well as their oral fluency and pronunciation. The arrangement of the phrases should be repeated verbatim. Forget the Removable Writing Surface Booklet and simply remember the phrase. A sentence is easier to memorize if you understand what it means. Try your best to absorb the meaning. If you missed a word but think you know what was said, just repeat it. Don’t talk too slowly or too quickly; strike a good balance. You will get a lesser grade if you stammer, repeat words, or hesitate while answering. Speak with the inflections and cadences of a native speaker of English without altering your accent.

Describes the Picture

To convey information successfully, you must first comprehend the graph, image, map, chart, or table at hand. Be sure you understand the title and the context of the image before continuing. Take out your Erasable Noteboard Booklet and jot down whatever observations you can about the photo that you can incorporate into your response. Which parts of this diagram or map are most crucial? Don’t leave out any important information that can be gleaned from the picture. Start with a broad remark to set the stage, then quickly review the image’s essential components. Conjunctions might help you tie together the information you give. To give an example, try using conjunctions like “also,” “however,” “as,” and “besides.” 

Yet Another Suggestions

You may improve your oral fluency by watching pronunciation videos on YouTube. Make an effort to seem like a natural speaker of British, American, or Australian English. To improve your pronunciation, look up the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) and phonemes on Google or YouTube. Fluent speech requires a firm grasp of the anatomy of the lips, jaw, and tongue. You should work on imitating the rising and falling tones included in each syllable. There really isn’t enough time for us to get into anything in-depth. It’s important to seek out extremes, such as the greatest and tiniest integers. We’ve listed the top English Speaking Course in Jalandhar so you can stop stressing.


If you read the above, you should be able to ace your speaking exam and earn a perfect score of 89. On the PTE Academic Speaking test, a score of 89 is well within reach. Opportunities for high scores can be found in the implementation of suitable techniques and the subsequent practice of such strategies on a suitable platform.

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