Spence and Crawford Don’t Have True Hostility


When it comes to the world of boxing, rivalries between champions are not uncommon. Fans often speculate about the animosity that may exist between fighters, and one such topic that has been a subject of discussion is the relationship between Spence and Crawford. Are they truly hostile towards each other, or is it all just hype? In this article, we will explore this intriguing question and shed light on the true nature of their connection.

Spence and Crawford Don’t Have True Hostility.: Unraveling the Myth

A Brief Look at Their Storied Careers

Before we delve into the alleged hostility, let’s take a moment to appreciate the remarkable careers of both Errol Spence Jr. and Terence Crawford. From their early days in amateur boxing to dominating the professional scene, each fighter has shown tremendous skill and determination, earning the respect and admiration of fans worldwide.

The Media’s Love for Sensationalism

In the world of sports, particularly in boxing, the media often thrives on building narratives of intense rivalries and animosity between fighters. Such narratives generate buzz, attract attention, and increase viewership for major fights. But is it fair to assume hostility based solely on media portrayals?

Debunking the Rumors: Personal Encounters and Interviews

To truly understand the dynamics between Spence and Crawford, we need to look beyond the headlines. Contrary to popular belief, personal encounters and interviews with both fighters paint a different picture. There have been instances where they have expressed mutual respect for each other’s skills and achievements.

Friendly Rivalry: The Competitive Spirit

Rivalries in sports don’t necessarily translate to personal animosity. Often, they are born out of a deep-rooted competitive spirit that fuels athletes to perform at their best. Spence and Crawford’s rivalry may be a testament to their hunger for greatness and a desire to prove themselves as the best in their weight class.

Shared Training Sessions: A Surprising Bond

One intriguing aspect of their relationship is the occasional shared training sessions. Despite being fierce competitors, they have sparred together, pushing each other to the limits and aiding in their mutual growth as boxers. Such camaraderie is rare but showcases the respect they have for each other’s skills.

The Role of Promoters and Managers

It is essential to consider the role of promoters and managers in shaping public perception. They often engage in pre-fight trash talk and mind games to build hype around their respective fighters. Separating such marketing strategies from genuine hostility is crucial in understanding their relationship accurately.

The Genuine Respect: Post-Fight Gestures

After their respective fights, Spence and Crawford have been known to show respect and sportsmanship. Whether it’s acknowledging each other in post-fight interviews or praising each other’s performances, these gestures point towards mutual respect.

Fan Speculations vs. Reality

As with any sport, fans can be passionate and sometimes speculative. Rumors and opinions often circulate, feeding into the belief of hostility between fighters. It’s essential to separate fan-driven speculations from actual facts to gain a more nuanced perspective.

Uniting for a Bigger Cause: Charity Events

Another heartwarming aspect of their relationship is their willingness to come together for charity events. Both Spence and Crawford have participated in charitable endeavors, showing that beyond boxing, they share common interests in giving back to the community.

The Bigger Picture: Sportsmanship in Boxing

Spence-Crawford Could Become a Welterweight Classic When They Meet Saturday

While boxing is a competitive and sometimes brutal sport, sportsmanship and respect among fighters are integral to its essence. The rivalry between Spence and Crawford may be intense, but it doesn’t negate the values of respect and admiration they hold for each other as fellow athletes.

Spence and Crawford Don’t Have True Hostility. 


Are Spence and Crawford close friends outside the ring?

While they may not be best friends, Spence and Crawford have shown signs of mutual respect and have shared friendly interactions outside the ring.

Do Spence and Crawford trash-talk each other before fights?

As with most boxing rivalries, there is some trash talk before significant fights, but it’s more likely a promotional tactic than genuine hostility.

Has there ever been an altercation between Spence and Crawford?

To the best of public knowledge, there has been no documented altercation or serious conflict between Spence and Crawford.

Why do fans believe there is hostility between Spence and Crawford?

Fans often interpret media narratives and promotional tactics as genuine hostility, sometimes blurring the line between reality and fiction.

Have Spence and Crawford ever addressed the hostility rumors?

Both fighters have addressed the rumors and clarified that while they are rivals, they do not have true hostility towards each other.

Can we expect to see a fight between Spence and Crawford soon?

As of now, there is no official confirmation of a fight between Spence and Crawford, but the possibility remains exciting for boxing fans.


In conclusion, the notion that Spence and Crawford harbor true hostility towards each other appears to be a misconception. While they undoubtedly share a competitive rivalry, they have also demonstrated mutual respect, camaraderie, and sportsmanship. The media’s love for sensationalism often exaggerates the intensity of boxing rivalries, but it’s essential to look beyond the headlines and understand the true dynamics between these two remarkable champions. As fans, we can appreciate their skills, achievements, and dedication to the sport, regardless of their rivalry. Let us celebrate their greatness and eagerly await the possibility of witnessing them in the ring together, showcasing their incredible talents.

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