Shoaib Akhtar Fell At Sachin Tendulkar’s Feet For Forgiveness

Former India opener Virender Sehwag recalled a funny anecdote involving Sachin Tendulkar and ex-Pakistan pace star Shoaib Akhtar which involved an incident that is still something that the India cricketers laugh about in private. Sehwag said that Akhtar was not able to lift Tendulkar on his shoulders during an event and the entire incident ended with both cricketers on the ground. The explosive India batter also joked that Tendulkar was so heavy because he carries India’s hopes on his shoulders.

“In a party that was held for Indian and Pakistani cricketers in Lucknow, Akhtar had one too many drinks and he tried to lift Tendulkar. However, Tendulkar was quite heavy for him, and both of them ended up falling to the ground. I could not stop laughing at the incident,” Sehwag said at News 18 Chaupal.

The incident left Akhtar extremely embarrassed and Sehwag kept teasing him that his career is over as he could have injured a legend like Sachin. The Pakistan cricket team pacer was scared that Sachin will complain to the BCCI and he decided to ask for forgiveness from the Master Blaster.

“I used to tease him a lot. You are out, your career is over. You have dropped our top player. And he was scared, he kept following Sachin everywhere saying sorry, and even fell down at his feet. Still, me and Sachin, whenever we sit together, we go back to the incident and laugh about it,” Sehwag said.

Sehwag made it quite clear that the rivalry between Indian and Pakistan cricket teams only existed on the field and whenever any team visited the other, they were welcomed with open arms and hospitality.

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