Ramiz Raja For Outburst After Getting Sacked

After being removed as the chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), Ramiz Raja made some explosive comments over his sacking. Reacting to his comments, former Pakistan captain Salman Butt stated that Ramiz should consider himself “lucky” that the new government allowed him to govern PCB for an extended period.

“Ramiz Raja was lucky that the new government allowed him to work for several months after coming to power, which doesn’t happen usually. It was the first time that a new government did not fire the chairman straightaway. Not only did they not remove him straight away, but they also supported him. There had been talks about Ramiz’s removal. It did not happen overnight,”

Butt, who has been critical of Ramiz throughout his tenure, said that the former PCB chief should show more grace and stop acting “like a kid”.

“I think his recent comments have left a bitter taste.  He’s behaving like a kid who had his toy snatched. He has got other skills and should consider doing commentary now. He should not be making such statements and needs to show some grace,” he added.

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